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Legislative Reform Roundtable: The impact of the “anonymized” and “de-identified” data provisions within Bill C-27

November 3, 2022

Adam Kardash and Suzanne Morin lead an engaging roundtable discussion on the proposed amendments to the relevant definitions and associated provisions regarding “anonymized” and “de-identified” data in Bill C-27 and the implications for private and public sector organizations in Canada.

Toward a Canadian De-identification Framework: Lessons from Singapore

July 20, 2022

Kai Siang Sze Toh, Assistant Director, Policy and Tech, Personal Data Protection Commission, joined CANON to discuss the Commission’s recently published updated guidance for the anonymization of data, as well as a set of tools to support its implementation.

Perspectives on Regulating De-identified Data in Canada

November 24, 2021

  • Webinar Recording (full webinar)
  • Presentation: A Privacy Regulatory Authority Perspective (IPC Patricia Kosseim)
  • Panel: A Private Sector Perspective (Keren Groll & Adam Kardash)
  • Q & A Discussion (moderated by Suzanne Morin)

Practices and Framework for Generating Non-Identifiable Data

July 15, 2021

  • Webinar Recording (full webinar)
  • Practices for Generating Non-Identifiable Data (Khaled El Emam)
  • Implications for Regulatory Reform and Practice (Adam Kardash)
  • Overview and Status of CIO Strategy Council’s Draft Privacy enhancing data de-identification framework (Nadine Letson)
  • Q&A (moderated by Suzanne Morin)

COVID-19 Mini-Summit

June 19, 2020